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Athens Calling | 08.09.2023

On Friday, September 8, at 22:00, joining the show are the following:

Pavlos Sakkas, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, author of the book “Psychiatry Another Way“, who talks about the importance of sleep, mental health and well-being, stigma, as well as the impact of the economic crisis in 2010, of the pandemic, and other tragic events (Tempi, Mati/wild fires, war/Ukraine) on collective mental health.

Eirini Georgi, author of the book “The One Women Want“, who talks about the traits of a new, “open masculinity” about the film “Barbie“, and the dominant standards of beauty.

From Edinburgh, Christos Leonidopoulos, Professor of High Energy Physics, who talks about the film “Oppenheimer” and the nuclear bomb, particle physics and the Higgs particle, cosmology and Einstein but also about how he sees Greek society with his international experience as a Greek of the Diaspora.

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