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Infinitely Curious: Life in front of a screen | 03.03.2024

Life unfolds in the present. The problem is, whether it’s ruminating over the past or worrying about the future, the human mind does everything it can to avoid being present.
Like a monkey swinging from tree branch to tree branch, the human mind’s tendency to constantly jump from thought to thought has made us lose touch with the “now. The greatest “attention hogging” device ever conceived has burrowed its way into everyone’s pocket . The smartphone. 

With the everyday person touching, tapping, and swiping their smartphone 2,617 per day (along with 3 hours 46 minutes of mobile screen time), walking around with an always connected device means that our mind monkeys now have infinite tree branches from which to grab and swing. So many scientists now blame modern man’s mental health deficiencies and bad sleep on excessive screen time with depression and anxiety statistics upping 800% (!) from what they were 50 years ago. If we don’t inoculate ourselves to this epidemic, being present to enjoy a sunset without a screen, might one day be but a glimmer in Grandma and Grandpa’s eye. Technology is meant to be our servant, not our master. 

On this episode of ”Infinitely Curious’‘, the English-language show of Voice of Greece, listen to psychologist Dr. Kimberly Young helps identify warning signs of Internet addiction and what we can do to manage technology in our daily lives. Learn from 13 year old Maxx Viciedo how he got rid of his gaming addiction. Find out from psychotherapist Patrik Wincent what one misses out when they become an Internet zombie. 

Curated and presented by Katerina Batzaki
Broadcast date: Sunday 3 March 2024, 11.00-12.00 (Athens time)

Σε αυτό το επεισόδιο της αγγλόφωνης εκπομπής της Φωνής της Ελλάδας, “Ιnfinitely Curious“, με την Κατερίνα Μπατζάκη, ακούστε την ψυχολόγο Dr. Kimberly Young να εντοπίζει τα προειδοποιητικά σημάδια του εθισμού στο διαδίκτυο και τι μπορούμε να κάνουμε για να διαχειριστούμε την τεχνολογία στην καθημερινότητά μας. Μάθετε από τον 13χρονο Maxx Viciedo πώς έγινε η απεξάρτηση του απο το gaming. Πληροφορηθείτε από τον ψυχοθεραπευτή Patrik Wincent τι χάνει κανείς και τι έχασε ο ίδιος όταν έγινε ζόμπι του διαδικτύου.