Giannis Papoutsakis

Giannis Papoutsakis was born in Athens. He studied journalism and he went on working for the culture & art section of ‘’Exormisi’’ and ‘’Vradyni’’ newspapers. He has been working for ERT since 1986, as a culture and sports reporter. He has also served as the press office head for ERT2 channel. He has worked in radio for One Channel, Polis, Alpha Sport, and Channel 25 stations. In 2000 he presented the TV documentary show Σε Ρυθμούς Ελληνικούς on Greek Public Television. Upon ERT’s shutdown in 2023, he moved on to ERT Open. In 2015 he produced shows for ERT’s Second Programme, Third Programme, and the Voice of Greece radio stations. His shows Journeys Basking in Greek Light and Heliotrope are currently broadcast on the Voice of Greece.