Maria Koutsimpiri

Maria Koutsimpiri, originally from Trilaka, is passionate about music, radio, journalism, dance, cinema, theater, herbs, and alternative treatments. She is a long-time ERT collaborator, having worked as a journalist and radio producer for the Voice of Greece, Kosmos 93.6, the Second Programme, Filia 106.7, NET 105.8, Ert Open, ERT1, and NET. She has studied drama, journalism, anthropogeography, vocals, Italian language and culture, classical dance, music, and more. She has lived abroad (Germany, Italy) and traveled to Europe, Brazil, Northern Africa, and Turkey. She has covered the 56th Berlin International Film Festival for NET 105.8. She is multilingual, with excellent Italian, English, German, and Spanish knowledge. She loves life in nature and she intends to go back to it one day. She hosts the shows Greek Traditional Music and The Elves of Tradition on the Voice of Greece. . He is currently hosting the radio shows The Elves of Tradition and Greek Traditional Music on the Voice of Greece.