Hercules Economou

Hercules Economou is split between Ermoupoli, in Syros island, and Athens, and between music, journalism, and political science. He holds a Ph.D. in International Politics from the Aberystwyth University of Wales. He has edited the publication Θάνος Μικρούτσικος - Κυνηγώντας την Ουτοπία (Thanos Mikroutsikos - Chasing Utopia, Metronomos editions, 2023) and co-edited the autobiographical essay Manos Eleftheriou: Malamatenia Logia (with Manos Aravanis, Metaixmio Publications, 2021) and Ο Πουλαντζάς Σήμερα (Poulantzas Today, with C. Golemis, Nissos Academic Publishing, 2012). His English-language radio show Greek Music Express, broadcasting on the Voice of Greece, showcases the work of acclaimed Greek songwriters, lyricists and performers.