Eleni Karali

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" is Eleni Karali’s motto, since she never gets tired of learning new things. She has completed her studies in Business Administration at the Department of Primary Education and she holds an MBA degree in Total Quality Management / Change Management degree, and she is a Ph.D. candidate. She currently works at the Department of Greeks Abroad for ERT. She used to be a finance consultant for businesses through NSRF programs and a freelancer for Municipalities and Universities. She is fascinated by the Greek Diaspora, the exchange of thoughts, and the contact with cultures around the world. She is fluent in three languages (English, French, and Spanish), she has visited 25 countries, and in recent years, because of the pandemic, she did her traveling through the radio. Her weekly show Invitation to Lunch, broadcasting on the Voice of Greece, invites you to talk about your achievements, work, recollections, and memories, just like you would in the presence of a close friend.