Antonis Karagiannakis

Antonis Karagiannakis was born in Canberra, Australia; At eight years he found himself back on his island, Kassos, where he stayed until he turned 18. He originally studied to be a Radio Operator, traveling the world for four years on Merchant Navy ships. After leaving the army, he set up the first radio station in Kasos, called Radio Fantasia. That was his motivation for studying radio production, communication and journalism in New York. That is also where he started his professional career, working for the expatriate radio station Cosmos FM and other stations. He then moved to Athens, first working for the newspaper ‘’Ta Nea’’ and the International Radio of the Municipality of Athens, and then for Vima FM and Athens 984. Today he continues to serve his favorite medium, working for the Voice of Greece and dedicating his show Fair Winds and Following Seas to Greek sailors.