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‘Can music heal?’ Cybele Castoriades on ”Infinitely Curious” | 03.12.2023

Can a spoken mistake inspire the writing of a new song? Can music tame and perhaps transform even the most violent of souls? Can songs build new worlds in and out of this space? And where is this space after all?
In the mind and heart of singer and songwriter Cybele Castoriades , inner space and balance are defied by a young girl from the moon. A girl who in the mind of Cybele lives under an olive tree in Tinos, dreams of a world of inclusion and natural beauty where the environment is protected and worshiped. 

Listen to the inner inspiration and birth of songwriting and music through the eyes of Cybele Castoriades, a philosophical talk about whether music can transform us or heal us in light of her new album: Τhe girl from the moon (La fille de la Lune)

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