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Dinos Toumazos on ”Hellenes Everywhere” | 06.11.2023

Dinos Toumazos, distinguished Greek Cypriot, co-founder of “Agora dialogue”, an active Think Tank, an international initiative based in Australia, on ERT’s World Radio “Voice of Greece”, on the show “Hellenes everywhere” with Thanasis Houpis, on Monday, November 6, 2023, at 13:10. On an interview beginning with the recent presentation of the Declaration of the “Pan-Cyprian Mobilization for the Freedom of Cyprus”, on 23 October, in Nicosia, in the packed hall of the Journalists House of Cyprus. An event that was welcomed, as supporters of the Declaration, by freedom fighter Sener Leved, Dr. Stefanos Konstantinidis, Dinos Toumazos, Eirini Mandoles, Oz Karahan, Artemis Orfanou, Alekos Michaelides, Hara Savvidou – Ieridou, Aziz Shah, and Tonia Stavrinou. The common goal and basic principle of all is the repudiation of a separation solution, which will create apartheid conditions and consolidate the fait accompli of the occupation, as well as the strengthening of the struggle for a United Republic of Cyprus.

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