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Everything you need to know about the 3rd historic Tripolis Rally | 26 Feb. 2024

The Argolic Association of Period Vehicles organized with great success the 3rd Tripoli Rally. 76 historic vehicles and crews from Greece and abroad participated in a race that left the best impressions with the participants giving everything and the organizers paying attention to the smallest detail.

Giannis Karabelas participated in the race and put some important touches to the organizational part. He talks to TIME IN GREECE and Nikolas Angelidis about the needs of such a rally, about the vehicles that participated, the fair play… which was judged in the thread, for the relationship of the State with the historic car and such efforts and for much more…

At the same time in the studio is the cinematographer and car lover… Tasos Aronitis, who gives us the mark of the intensity and passion of a race from the passenger seat.

Finally, we listen to songs from old Greek movies featuring rare vehicles and learn their history…

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