Greece In The World Dionysopoulos G., Houmba K.
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Greece in the World with Giorgos Dionysopoulos | 18 June 2024

Guests on June 18th episode:

  • Kostas Poulakidas, journalist, political editor of the newspaper Avgi
  • Vassia Anastasiou, PASOK Deputy Communications Secretary
  • Haris Konstantinidis, Director of the Robotic General Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Inter-Balkan Medical Center of Thessaloniki
  • Philip Kocharidis, President of the Greek Community of Brussels
  • Ivana Djordjevic, ERT journalist (international, Balkan news)
  • Dimitris Giahanatzis, sports editor, EPA SPORT

The comprehensive daily current affairs show of Voice of Greece, covering domestic and international politics, culture, sports, and the news of the Greek Diaspora.

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