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Greek Music Express: Painters on Greek album covers: Alekos Fassianos | 04 April 2024

This week, we are taking a tour aroud the most beautiful artwork of Greek music albums and the painters behind it. After George Stathopoulos and Yannis Tsarouchis, it is time for Alekos Fassianos, his tremendously impactful international career, and his presence in Greek music albums with the artwork that he illustrated. “Our teacher Moralis had an influence on us both as an artist and as a human being. We learned to observe the effects of darkness on light and vice versa as well as how objects changed shape as the light changed. We also learned to compare things. But I was always thinking of saints with their haloes, their swords and the red or white horses that jumped over flame-blowing dragons”. Alekos Fassianos

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