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Greek Music Express: Painters on Greek album covers: George Stathopoulos, part 2 | 02 April 2024

Painter Stathopoulos notes: “I really like Hadjidaki’s music. I like Greek musicians. And I like Theodorakis, Xarchakos, Savvopoulos, Leontis, Loizos, Kouyoumtzis, and Mamagakis. These are all important artists. I listen to 90% Greek music, and I also have a 10% of foreign music that I listen to. I really like American blues, electric blues but also New Orleans and Mississippi blues. Also, I love Southern Italian songs, tarantellas. A friend of mine recently told me that all this is Greek, and that it all began with antiquity and the Greeks of Salento. I like the songs of the Jews of Spain. I like turkish songs. I might have twenty records of Turkish singers; amazing voices. I also like Schubert’s and Mahler’s Lieds”.

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