Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: Discussing Climate Change | 30.07.2023

Climate change is here and this summer in particular more than ever. Wildfires, high temperatures and human intervention add to the list of reasons why our earth’s atmosphere is on the verge of a serious and accelerated change. Scientists say the main cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. When burnt, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the air, causing the planet to heat up. Recently huge numbers of jellyfish have turned up in swarms off  Thermaikos waters in the northern town of Thessaloniki and the mega wildfires of the last two years in Greece have cost massive harm to the country’s flora and fauna, crops and properties and human lives. Listen to this episode of Infinitely Curious with Katerina Batzaki to find out from WWF Athens office Head Dimitris Karavellas why jellyfish are ever more present in greek waters and why forest management is so important in averting blazes. Learn from researcher of the Center for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IEPBA) and member of the METEO unit specializing in the field of Pyrometeorology, Dr Thodoris Giannaros, how the National Observatory of Athens will run from October the NERO project, a new pan- European network on Extreme Fire Behavioural that studies and forecasts extreme forest fires where they are heading in order to bring the fire force to the point where they will help put them out.

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