Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: The superpower of play | 15.10.2023

Few of us are in the process of exploring our adulthood through our childhood. For those of us who do it, it is always through the children, and that is only when the children ask us to play with them… and then we try to retrieve our childhood memories to run with them. And too often we are embarrassed or bored to do so. Or, as adults, we do whatever sports we do to feel still alive and maybe a little closer to the child inside us.
Listen to this episode of the english-language show ”Infinitely Curious” to learn from the founder of ImproVibe Greece Menelaos Prokos and actress, Teacher of Acting and Creative theatre Nina Adamopoulou why it is important to live in play until the end.

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