Journeys Basking In Greek Light Giannis Papoutsakis
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“Journeys Basking in Greek Light” with Giannis Papoutsakis | 28 Apr. 2024

A journey through the dramas of the old Greek cinema of the 50s and 60s was presented on April 28th by Giannis Papoutsakis’ show “Journeys Basking in Greek Light”, with actress Amalia Klimopoulou as a guest. We listened to music and songs from the films: O methystakas (The drunkard), Stella, Magiki polis (The Magic city), To amaxaki (The buggy), Hamena oneira (Lost dreams), Maddalena, O katiforos (The decline), Olga agapi mou (Olga my love), Ta kokkina fanaria (The red lanterns), Lola, Amok, To katharma (The bastard), I odysseia enos xerizomenou (The Odyssey of an uprooted), Ekeines Pou Den Prepei N’ Agapoun (Those who should not love), I leoforos tou misous (The avenue of hate)

The show ”Journeys Basking in Greek Light” pays tribute to influential personalities from the fields of music, film, history, and culture in Greece, while also introducing new artists and their projects.

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