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Oz Karahan on ”Hellenes Everywhere” | 15 Apr. 2024

Oz Karahan, Turkish Cypriot politician, activist, columnist, Graduate of the School of Global Politics and Conflict Analysis, United Nations University for Peace, with Communication Studies at the University of Malmö, Sweden, President of the “Union of Cypriots”, candidate for the European Parliament of the Republic of Cyprus, in the upcoming European elections: “The only solution is a Unitary, Secular, Pluralistic Cyprus!! The model of the Bi-zonal, Bicommunal Federation (BIF) is completely contrary to International Law and the model of the European Union!! It is a proposal that came from Turkey… Politicians in Cyprus have never promoted a national policy on the issue of resolving the Cyprus problem. On the contrary, Turkey has a national policy… We must fight for the formulation of a national strategy that will serve Cyprus. Even Greece speaks on the basis of the policy dictated by Ankara”.  

The show ‘Hellenes Everywhere” with Thanasis Houpis is dedicated to Greek diaspora organizations fighting for the future of Greece and Cyprus.

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