Time In Greece Nikolas Angelidis
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The unspoiled trails of the beautiful Kasos island | 10 Apr. 2024

A magical walk in the unique beauties of Kasos. Nikolas Angelidis meets Ilias Mastropavlos, special technician and pebble designer… We travel through the eternal blue of the Dodecanesian land, learn about the amazing natural trails of Kasos which are still wild but unspoiled and we draw information like the sponge that thirst for water for the art of pebble construction… On the show we have the Kasian journalist of ERT, Antonis Karagiannakis and Paisia Kramvousanou who is also the show’s editor.

From Zimbabwe and Beijing, Buenos Aires and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi, the show ”Time in Greece’‘ with Nikolas Angelidis features Greek expatriates and philhellenes who stand out with their actions.

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