Time In Greece Nikolas Angelidis
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Time in Greece: On this day in history: The Bay of Pigs Invasion | 19 Apr.2024

The Waterloo of the US military and the US government, 63 years ago today in the famous Bay of Pigs. The CIA’s plans to “retake” Cuba, Fidel Castro’s slogan “Homeland or death”, the hand-to-hand combat, the surrender of the invaders and the day after a development that shook the whole world to its foundations. What went wrong in the plans of the invaders? How did the Cuban people resist two years after the persecution of the bloodthirsty dictator Batista? What was John F. Kennedy saying a few days before the attack, when there had already been various sabotages inside Cuban territory that foreshadowed the attack?

A great historical tribute of the show TIME IN GREECE and Nikolas Angelidis to the events that recorded… history itself.

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