Time In Greece Nikolas Angelidis
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”Time in Greece” Tuesday special | 21.11.2023

Nicolas Angelidis and Grigoris Nanis swim in the deep waters of uncharted information… So find out on today’s show TIME IN GREECE…

How many years did it take Swedes to complete their official vocabulary?

What happened in Philadelphia, USA with a giant investment?

When does the first intense moment between David Beckham and Victoria date?

Where do the British send the prisoners when their prisons are overcrowded?

Who is the world’s biggest lazy, officially and with a print?

Why in Turkey fans greeted a coach with rats?

How much does Obradovic’s watch – poem cost?

How does the world’s most coordinated korean work?

Why do South Korean fans wear masks (not for COVID…) in the stands?

Finally, we will listen to the anthem and learn the history of Panakrotiriakos Chania…

This and much more in the only sports show that is not purely sports, nor informative…

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