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Time in Greece: Visiting Thymaina island | 09 Feb. 2024

Nikos Angelidis presents Greek schools in remote areas of Greece and talks with residents and students from the island of Thymaina.

Enchanting Thymaina is an island of Northeastern Aigion that belongs to the group of islands of Fournoi Korseon.

With its 50 permanent residents, the primary school with the three students, the pier for “Dimitroula” boat to tie up from Fournoi island, when there weather allows it, Thymaina is a magical place but also very difficult to live in winter.

Stelios Markakis, born and raised in Thymaina, talks about the difficulties… but also about the endless beauties of the island that has two villages… At the same time, doctor Anastasis, Zacharakis, who does his rural work there, refers to the difficulties faced by the border island and its inhabitants who have accepted him as part of their family.

A sensational experience off the Aegean Sea… With Nikolas Angelidis on the microphone, along with Paisia Kramvousanou.

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