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Urca de Lima on “Our Town” | 20 May 2024

Urca de Lima, from Thessaloniki, Greece, is one of the most interesting contemporary musical ensembles. On Monday, 20 April 2024, Iasson Zaragas, saxophonist, composer, and lyricist of Urca de Lima, was invited by Themis Rodamitis on the show ”Our Town”, where he talked about what makes Urca de Lima so special: their unique melodic elements, their live performances and collaborations with important musicians, but most importantly, the special relationship that exists between the members of the band – which is essentially a group of good friends with intense collective activity.

The guest referred to independent music scenes of the city, the studios, the festivals in which they participate and, above all, the special atmosphere they create and the importance of the ‘fairy tale’ in their work and overall thought.

Two of the group’s members, singer Clairi Ioannou and saxophonist Vassilis Tzevelekos spoke on the show, and music from their discography and live performances will be heard.