Historical Walks: The story of Karagiozis | 30 Mar. 2024, 13:00

“Satire weeps in front of what it sees today, if only Karagiozis was no longer needed”, says Athos Danellis, one of the few remaining puppeteers.

On Saturday, March 30rd, 2024, on the show “Historical Walks” with Marilena Katsimi, we talked about the History of Karagiozis on the occasion of the World Shadow Theatre Day (March 28th). Our guest is Athos Danellis, one of the few remaining puppeteers, who teaches the art of Shadow Theatre in Greece and abroad. Since 1989 he has been giving performances for children and adults, where he presents rare works from the forgotten repertoire of the Greek Shadow Theatre as well as his own original creations, keeping alive this important folk theatrical tradition.

“Historical Walks” (”Ιστορικοί Περίπατοι”), ERT’s award-winning show, returns to the radio of Voice of Greece.

Marilena Katsimi and her guests take you on a tour of Greece and the world, presenting topics from both contemporary history and the historicity of current issues.

The show, with speakers who are recognized scientists, attempts through the popularization of knowledge to contribute to the promotion and demystification of difficult and often deliberately forgotten historical topics and to promote public debate.

Curated and presented by Marilena Katsimi