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Archbishop Ioannis of Zambia on “Greece in the World” | 30 Apr. 2024

On the occasion of the Week of Tribute Events on Olympic Education organized on the occasion of the Olympic Games to be held this year in Paris, the Greek Orthodox Holy Metropolis of Zambia and Mozambique, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Greece in Lusaka and the National Olympic Committee of Zambia, the Metropolitan of Zambia and Mozambique, Mr. Ioannis, was hosted by telephone today, Good Tuesday, April 30th, on “Voice of Greece” and the show “Greece in the World” with Giorgos Dionysopoulos.

The event will take place from May 6th to 12th in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and will include a rich program of cultural/sports activities for youth in Zambia, such as sports workshops, workshops, sports events, speeches by Olympic champions and sports officials, events of musical compositions linked to the Olympic Games, etc.

“Sports and the church are one, because people are the church, and if we are not strong and robust, mentally, spiritually and physically, we will not be able to face the problems of everyday life,” said His Eminence Metropolitan Ioannis, stressing that Zambian youth and the local community embrace this initiative. Mr. Ioannis said that Greece is sending two Olympic champions, whose names will be announced today, “to transmit to the universities, schools and various other organizations of Zambia, the Olympic spirit.”

Mrs Anneta Moukouka, head of the dance department, spoke on the show about the 12 children currently participating in the class: “We love traditional dances, songs, music, traditional costumes and we feel more Greek when we dance because we love our culture and we feel proud to be Greek,” she said.

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