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Chrysoula Melissinaki on ”Greece in the World” | 14 Feb. 2024

On the occasion of the exhibition “Looms of Greece”, which is presented until February 25th at the Greek Museum of Adelaide, Mrs Chrysoula Melissinaki, professor of philology and founder of the museum, talked by phone on” Voice of Greece” and the show “Greece in the World” with Giorgos Dionysopoulos.

As Mrs. Melissinaki said: “The Greek Museum of Adelaide, which was founded in 2019 as a Non-Profit Organization, is a space that we want to host, and this is what we have achieved so far, all objects that have come from Greece through immigrants of older generations, but even today’s immigrants who come to Australia. Objects that are directly related to Greek culture, history and civilization.”

Mrs. Melissinaki said that since the museum was founded, at least thirteen exhibitions with different themes have been successfully organized. “These objects have been donated by Greek families living in Australia, but we have also received donations from Greek artists from Greece and Cyprus, as well as from other museums.”

Our aim is for all people who live in Adelaide or visit it, regardless of religious, ethnological origin and origin, to visit our exhibitions because they will surely have something to learn about Greek culture and history,” Mrs Melissinaki noted.

The exhibition “Looms of Greece”, which is currently on display at the Greek Museum of Adelaide, hosts, among other things, a traditional loom that arrived in Australia from Crete in 1950.

Since then the loom was used in Adelaide, and lately the museum has been restoring it, in order to exhibit it together with woven fabrics in various forms, such as tablecloths, sheets, blankets, kilim rugs, carpets, etc., created over the years by its idols, wooden scrolls, threads on which yarn and cloth were wrapped.

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