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Cinematographer Giorgos Arvanitis visits ”Our Town” | 14 Apr. 2024

On Sunday, April 14th,, internationally acclaimed cinematographer Giorgos Arvanitis was a guest on “Our Town”, in an in-depth conversation with Themis Rodamitis in the studio of Voice of Greece.

Giorgos Arvanitis has been an important figure in the Greek film industry, having worked on many films produced by Finos Films. In 1968, he worked on Theo Angelopoulos’s first short film Εκπομπή (Broadcast). Since then, he has worked in all of Angelopoulos’ movies, including the award-winning Eternity and a Day (Palme d’Or, Cannes 1998).

The acclaimed director of photography who writes his own unique story in the field of film photography and cinema, talked to us in the studio about his favorites out of all the films he has worked in (“Troupe”, “Representation”, “Journey to Kythira”, “The Lady and the Tramp”, “Brides” and many others), international productions that earned him praise and awards.

Giorgos Arvanitis talked about his life, his collaborations with great creators, his many years of collaboration with Theo Angelopoulos, his friendships, his interests, and his relationship with art.

He made special reference to the importance of light, telling us that “everything moves with it” and his book “Giorgos Arvanitis, A Life in the Light” in which he talks with director Elisavet Chronopoulou.

He also told us about his life in France, where he is a member of the French Association of Directors of Photography, the French Academy of Art and Technique of Cinema, the Academy of Cinematography, and the Higher National School of Professions, Image and Sound.

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Original broadcast date: Sunday 14 April, 12:00 – 14:00 Athens time

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