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Filippos Fortomas on “Greece in the World” | 27 May 2024

Filippos Fortomas, Member of Parliament for Cyclades with New Democracy and Chairman of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Greeks Abroad, was hosted by phone today, Monday, May 27, by “Voice of Greece”, on the occasion of the visits he made to Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and in Brussels, ahead of the June 9 European elections.

Speaking on the show “Greece in the world” with Giorgos Dionysopoulos, Mr. Fortomas said that during his visits, he attended the events of Pontian expatriate associations for the Day of Remembrance of the Pontian Genocide that took place in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, while during his visit to Brussels, he attended the celebrations of the “Greek Day” in Park D’ Enghien, an event that as he said, has been taking place for 65 years. He also met together with his colleague, New Democracy MP Stelios Petsas, with the Metropolitan Athenagoras of Belgium to discuss ecclesiastical matters and then he visited the Greek School of Brussels.

Mr Fortomas also discussed the postal vote, saying it is a very important effort and a historic responsibility and opportunity, since the government gives the opportunity to all Greek citizens, both in Greece and abroad, to participate in the elections and therefore to increase representativeness.

It is noted that the President of the Committee for Hellenism of the Diaspora, in the context of his visits, met with party officials in Baden-Württemberg and with officials of Prefectural Steering Committee of Stuttgart.

He also had a working meeting with the Chairman of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group of the Baden-Württemberg Parliament, Manuel Hagel, and then met with candidates of Greek origin for municipal councilors in the state, from whom he asked for continuous communication even after the European elections, in order to maintain cooperation and exchange of views on issues of concern to expatriates in the region.

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