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Greece in the World with Giorgos Dionysopoulos | 08 Apr. 2024

Guests on Monday, April 8th:

– Notis Ananiadis, political editor of ERT

– Andreas Marathias, parliamentary editor of ERT

– Alexandros Kazamias, Member of Parliament for the State PLEFSI ELEFTHERIAS

-Stavroula Mavrogeni, Professor at the University of Macedonia, Director of the Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation (KEMIT) of IMMA and curator of the exhibition “Visual Approaches to the History of Macedonia, 19th-20th century”

– Giannis Dermitzoglou, Director of Istanbul Zografeion Lyceum

– Dimitris Giachanatzis, sports editor of ERA SPORTS

The comprehensive daily current affairs show of Voice of Greece, covering domestic and international politics, culture, sports, and the news of the Greek Diaspora.

Produced by Katerina Houba

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