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Greece in the World with Giorgos Dionysopoulos | 17 Apr. 2024

Guests on Wednesday, April 17th:

Dimitris Kouklouberis, journalist, political editor

Panagiotis Kouroumplis, candidate for SYRIZA MEP

Georgia Skitzis, political editor of ERT (government reportage)

Babis Plagos, ERT correspondent in Pyrgos, Ilia

Anastasios Kapnopolis, President of the Chamber of Crafts of Thessaloniki

Ivana Djordjevic, journalist ERT (international, Balkan news)

Antigone Drakatou, sports editor of ERA SPORTS

Greece in the World is the comprehensive daily current affairs show of Voice of Greece, covering domestic and international politics, culture, sports, and the news of the Greek Diaspora.

Presented by Giorgos Dionysopoulos
Produced by Katerina Houba

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