Greece In The World Dionysopoulos G., Houmba K.
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Greece in the World with Giorgos Dionysopoulos | 17 June 2024

Guests on the Monday July 17th episode:

  • Notis Ananiadis, political editor ERT
  • Alexandros Despotopoulos, internationalist, researcher at the Department of Turkish and Contemporary Asian Studies, University of Athens
  • Giannis Vythoulkas, social worker, scientific officer of the “STORGI” Prevention Centre of N. Zakynthos, president of the employees of all the Prevention Centers of Greece
  • Theodoros Giannaros, pyrometeorologist, associate of the Athens Observatory
  • Ivana Djordjevic, ERT journalist (international, Balkan news)
  • Dimitris Giahanatzis, sports editor, EPA SPORT

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