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Infinitely Curious: AI of another fiction? | 28 Apr. 2024

How much is AI actually already in our lives and why are we so afraid of it?

Lately, we can very often hear the younger (and not only) generation saying “why write a text or an essay if Chat GPT can do it for you?”…and this is where we imagine future crowds with Alzheimer’s and stress levels mounting.

Perhaps we’re wrong. Perhaps it’s the fear of the unknown. Of someone posting something we never said, showing us saying it in a conference or elsewhere when we’re at home in our pajamas. But we’re learning. We’re constantly trying to adapt and open my mind to a new and potentially helpful tool in our lives like the first humanoid robot Sophia said (programmed by her human creator to say it!)

This Sunday, April 28th, 2024, at 11:00 am (Athens time) tune in to Infinitely Curious, the English-language program of Voice of Greece radio with Katerina Batzaki, and listen to those who are able to creatively challenge our perception of AI: Peter Graf, futurist and technologist, Sal Khan, American Educator and creator of the Khan academy, and Neil Nie, researcher at Columbia AI & Robotics lab.

We will also listen to extracts from the first interview that Sophia, the first humanoid robot worldwide created by Hanson robotics, gave to  Greek media (to Adriana Manetta and Pavlos Kastanas from Astronio). Of course, there are many aspects of AI. But this time we will talk about AI as a useful educational or AI assistant tool but also how in the wrong hands, it can also turn into a deep fake news peril or worse.

Curated and presented by Katerina Batzaki