Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: Athanasios Fokas | 10.12.2023

The famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that behavior and personality were derived from the constant and unique interaction of conflicting psychological forces that operate at three different levels of awareness: the preconscious, conscious, and unconscious minds. He believed that each of these parts of the mind plays an important role in influencing behavior. But what is consciousness really?
In his book “Ways of Comprehending”, Professor Athanasios Fokas presents a holistic approach to the basic question of “how we understand”. In this highly interdisciplinary effort , a key role is played by the elucidation of core neural mechanisms, from the continuum of unconscious processes and conscious experiences , to the analysis of memory and learning mechanisms at the molecular level. The ultimate goal of the author is to motivate the reader to approach our ultimate goal according to Aristotle , namely to feel eudaimonia. 

Tune in on Sunday 10 December at 11am with Katerina Batzaki to listen to the Infinitely Curious program of ERT and the Voice of Greece and to hear Greek academic and mathematician Athanasios Fokas talking about the metarepresentations such as mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Technology, Biology, Medicine, Philosophy and Painting and what is the relationship between intrinsic and acquired knowledge. Why is it possible to understand the universe? What is the effect of cultural evolution on our brain and whether the problem of consciousness can be solved.