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Infinitely Curious: Beer healthy and vegan | 19 May 2024

Beer has been a popular alcoholic beverage for ages! Meeting your friends on Friday night for the beer ritual, celebrating milestones with loved ones cheering up beer cans, or just rejoicing with a bottle of beer all by yourself, beer has always been elementary in celebrations, and best buddy otherwise!
But, did you know that beer can also have positive health impacts contrary to common beliefs? You must be wondering, how!

People have been brewing beer for up to 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest – and arguably most significant – beverages in human history. It’s the single most consumed alcohol in the world and the third most consumed drink overall, preceded only by water and tea.

In 2021 global beer consumption reached 185 kiloliters, which is enough fermented brew to fill over 74,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Even as more and more young people embrace sobriety, brewers are launching an increasing number of low and no-alcohol beers to meet demand, thereby ensuring that a cold brew remains popular across lifestyles.

Listen to this episode of Infinitely Curious, the English-language show of Voice of Greece with Katerina Batzaki, and learn about the health properties of beer. Hear from the Director of the Greek Beer Awards Nikola Randisis why beer is such a popular drink and what it takes to earn a beer award. Learn from award winner and creator of beer recipes Loukas Papangelis what is the recipe for a good and delicious beer and why go vegan.

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