Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: Beyond Borders Festival | 17.08.2023

Beyond Borders” is more than a Festival. It is a celebration in the last week of August that aims to meet and unite everyone involved with Art and Culture itself on the island that unites the past with the present, its history with art and culture: Kastelorizo.

Since 2016, on the initiative of the Hellenic History Foundation (IDISME) and in collaboration with Les Ecrans de Mondes (Paris) and the Revival Association Megistis (Sydney) for its international promotion, “Beyond Borders” offers the Mediterranean, European and general international audience an annual, exciting “experience” consisting of films with historical and multicultural content, events and personalities that shaped and forged , our people and our cultures.

Listen to this episode of the english-language radio show ‘Infinitely Curious’ and learn how this “boutique” Festival celebrates and emphasize the beauty and contribution of cinematic narrative through History and Society.

Find out from the soul of this festival Irini Sarioglou as well as from writer and leading actor of Mediterraneo (the film that brought the island to stardom) Giuseppe Cederna how the celebration of culture and pioneering cinema is vertically and inextricably linked with the conduct of parallel cultural activities (art and photography exhibitions, training programs, children’s workshops, lectures, workshops and masterclasses, pitching labs, etc.) that help attract both the local community and the international public who arrive at the “edge of the blue” every year to attend the Festival.“

Beyond Borders concerns the human footprint in the now and then, in the here and everywhere. It “bridges” people, ideas and visions from all over the world with creative concern for the past, present and future.

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