Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious – Empathy in Animals | 14 Jan. 2024

On this episode of VoG’s English-language show ”Infinitly Curious”, Katerina Batzaki explores whether and how much animals have empathy, can sense others’ emotions, and understand what they are feeling.

Listen to Cats of Antiparos‘ founder Iliada Stavrinidi about how her cats can travel in a box half an hour drive in the car but still find their way back home alone.

Hear from elephant whisperer Lawrence Antony how the elephants he accommodated in his game reserve in South Africa became his friends.

Learn from award-winning environmental writer Carl Safina why animals have a profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion. And find out why mice are more intelligent than we think especially when they live in groups. 

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