Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: Going the gong way | 31 March 2024

The rhythmic sounds reverberate around the room, sending your mind and body into a sudden state of calm. You feel a tingle down the back of your spine as it grows louder, and your thoughts begin to soften. 

The cause of your relaxation is not owing to the euphony of the latest Lewis Capaldi track or any other melody, but rather a gong bath; the age-old practice that harnesses sound vibrations to alter your brainwaves and mood.

Listen to this episode of ”Infinitely Curious” to dive into the therapeutic sounds of gong and bathe into a healing musical journey. Listen to Maria Douvogianni, medical doctor, internist, gong therapist, with a master’s degree in pain control management and learn about her quest to find different modalities of healing such as sound healing with Tibetan bowls and gongs. Listen to the profoundness of the voice of Iannis Psallidakos, vocalist, architect, interdisciplinary artist and voice teacher, as he takes us on his transformative journey into that harmonious play of sounds and find out how his subharmonious, overtone or throat singing helps people with cancer take away their stress and alleviate their pain.