Infinitely Curious Katerina Batzaki
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Infinitely Curious: Plastic Pollution | 26.11.2023

Global plastic production, the biggest plague for our earth’s life and longevity . Worldwide plastic production has seen an increase from the 1950s, with 368 million tons of plastic production in 2019. About 250,000 tons of plastic debris are floating across the global ocean waters. The study estimations state that almost 3760 metric tons of plastic debris are afloat in the Mediterranean alone. Plastic pollution is a nuisance to all levels of marine biodiversity, starting from micro- and macroplastics found at beaches, sea floors, sea surfaces and within the bodies of various marine animals.

Reports even state that humans end up having plastics through seafood consumption.

But can we do away with plastic after all ?

Tune in this Sunday 26 November at 11am, to the Infinitely Curious Program of ERT and the Voice of Greece with Katerina Batzaki and dive into a drop in the ocean of plastic pollution.

Listen to two experts from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, PhD Candidate and Expert on Microplastic Pollution Argyro Adamopoulou and biologist and toxicologist Danae Patsiou about their research on micro and macro plastics and how they affect marine life .

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