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Infinitely Curious: The science of falling in love | 19.11.2023

Falling in love is often described as heart-warming , heart-wrenching , or even heart-breaking- and your brain is responsible for all these feelings. The journey from first spark to the last tear is guided by a symphony or neurochemicals and brain systems. Biologists believe that love is fundamentally a biological rather than a cultural construct. In recent years the ability to watch the brain in action has offered a wealth of insight into the mechanics of love. 

Psychologists on the other hand believe that falling in love is the projection of our own needs onto another person. We believe, that someone will meet our needs, such as taking care of our childhood traumas, if he or she looks like a person we were close to at the time, and we either try to get from him or her the feeling we had then, or to change fundamentally.

Listen to this episode of the English-language radio show ”Infinitely Curious” with Katerina Batzaki and travel into the brain to see what happens when we fall in love and how early memories are responsible for these chemical reactions. 

Listen to Biologist Dawn Maslar M.S. how and if neuroscience can now take the mystery out of love. Learn from the experiences of rapper Dessa how she decided to study her brain to help her fall out of love. Find out from UK’s Leading Dating Expert and graduate in English and Psychoanalysis Hayley Quinn why usually loneliness and a tendency to escape ourselves is the driver and not love. And last but not least, tune in to hear the story of television writer and relationship author Tracy McMillan why is it so important to commit to ourselves first more before we commit to others. 

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