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Infinitely Curious: The secrets and history of traditional Irish music | 02.07.2023

Is the treasure of the fairies really hidden at the end of the rainbow?
Why does Ireland have the harp as its national symbol?
Who was Brendan the Navigator?
At the Irish festival in Labidona Park in Athens on June 22, lovers of irish myths, and traditions from all walks of life gathered to dance to the Irish tunes , and wander in their imagination through the magical world of the Emerald Island of Ireland and its enchanting elements.
Listen to this episode of Infinitely Curious to learn about the secrets and history of traditional Irish music and listen to musicians Aidan Connolly, Pádraic Keane, Pádraig Mac Aodhgáin, Fearghas Mac Gormáin, Ben Zilker, Cliodhna Begley, & Caoimhin O Fearghail play Irish songs at the Irish Festival in Athens. Also learn from Caoimhin (Kevin in Irish) why a tiny instrument like the Irish tin whistle has the power to inspire mythical stories of paramount importance and shape a country’s past and present.

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