Time In Greece Nikolas Angelidis
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Listen and see, look and hear… (”Time in Greece” Tuesday special) | 07.11.2023

On today’s episode… Nikolas Angelidis and Grigoris Nanis take us on a journey around the world through laughter and “turbulent times”.

We meet Rembrandt’s work that breaks the bank… and piggy banks

We meet the pirate group of Fournoi Korseon, the legendary… Koursaros

We hear Messi’s Inter Miami anthem that isn’t written in English!

We find out that Messi is not the richest player on the Miami team. Who is?

We follow Haaland’s strange sleeping habit

We travel to the Disgusting Food Museum! Where is it located and what is on the menu?

We are informed how and why the planet is in danger of running out of ice cream and decaffeinated coffee

We go to Mallorca following a misguided thought by the football team’s officials. Enjoy this and a lot more, Tuesdays on TIME IN GREECE

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