My Wandering Heart Anna Prokova
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My Wandering Heart with Anna Prokova | 13 Apr. 2024

Spring Songs (vol.1)

_ I ain’t gonna tell you what I’ve been drinkin’
wine of wonder
oh sweet blindness
a little magic, a little kindness

On Saturday, April 13th, Anna Prokova selects songs that in one way or another remind her of Spring.

Every Saturday from 18:05 -19:00 (Athens time) Anna Prokova has a little less than 1 hour to wander around intricate music alleyways that take you through & across genres. The songs are carefully selected and are always related to her current mood. Expect to hear fresh sounds, eclectic new releases, ‘under the radar’ Greek and international artists and bands, new ‘Greek indie picks’ and timeless favorites, in a show with a radically wandering disposition.

| tracklist |

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Breathless
Eric Clapton -Let it Grow
Laura Nyro – Sweet Blindness
Devendra Banhart – We all Know
Fabrizio de Andre – Un chimico
Massive Attack, Elizabeth Frazer – Silent Spring
Σείριος Σαββαίδης – Ηλιοτρόπαια
Bob Dylan – Simple twist of fate
Παύλος Παυλίδης – Ο Κηπουρός 
Amalia Rodriquez – Primavera 
Φοίβος Δεληβοριάς, Αλκίνοος Ιωαννίδης – To δέντρο
Tom Petty – Wildflowers
Margo Guryan – Why do I cry
Nalyssa Green – Μη με ξεχάσεις
Dead Man’s Bones – Flowers Grow out of my grave