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Nikolaos Uzunoglu on “Greece in the World” | 22 May 2024

The president of the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinople, Mr. Nikolaos Uzunoglu, was hosted by “Voice of Greece” and the show “Greece in the World” with George Dionysopoulos, on the occasion of the decision of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Turkey (ASDT), which was announced on last Monday, May 20, and which states that the laws of Turkey have been violated by not holding elections for three decades at the Valukli Major Foundation and calls on the competent authorities to implement the laws. The Decision particularly emphasizes the need to respect the rights of minorities and their representation, which ensure the cohesion of society and their rights must be implemented without delay.

As Mr. Uzunoglu mentioned, in 1991 elections were held at the Valouklis Foundation, which he however characterized as a travesty, stressing that all the years that passed, the administration was essentially alienated from the diaspora. “The worst thing was that while Turkey, with long delays, allowed elections to be held in the holy institutions, in this case there was an exception and for about 33 years no elections were held”, he emphasized, while making special reference to the late Evangelos Michaelides who, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinople, started in 2015, together with three fellow citizens, a long legal battle.

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