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Quantum physicist Stefanos Trachanas on ”Imprint” | 04 Apr. 2024

On Thursday, April 4th, 2024, the show “Imprint” with Fuli Zavitsanou, had the pleasure and honor to meet Stefanos Trachanas, honorary doctor of the University of Crete, lecturer of quantum physics at the Department of Physics of the University, founding member of the University Press of Crete and the Mathesis Center for Open Online Courses, on the occasion of his new book “THE CYCLE – Science and democracy in restless times”.

He told us about the importance of the radical anti-dogmatism of science, which presupposes freedom of thought and the democratic functioning of societies, but also vice versa, about the danger – so visible nowadays – of the prevalence of irrationalism that lays the carpet on oppressive, authoritarian regimes, just as happened in the early 20th century when Nazi rule violently erased one of the brightest pages in the history of human science.

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