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Searching for money and fame…in a Crocodile | 11 Apr. 2024

Dimitris Stavropoulos and Orestis Stavropoulos are hosted at the studio of the Voice of Greece and talk about the latest theatrical play they directed that has been staged at the “Porta” theater since February. It is “Crocodile” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, one of the “unknown” works of the leading Russian writer. The theatrical performance is a great success, capturing today messages that Dostoevsky carried 160 years ago and are so relevant today.

Nikolas Angelidis and the show TIME IN GREECE seek fresh ideas and perceptions from the new generation of directors… We talk about everything. The guests are amazing speakers and ask questions – through their work – about today’s society. We travel mentally to the “experiment” of the crocodile that swallows a man who, through this evolution, now living in the stomach of the beast, thinks that he has achieved something in his life… He becomes known, people begin to deal with him, but he, indifferent to how he can be saved from this special prison, lives his dream hoping that this adventure will be redeemed in money and glory…

From Zimbabwe and Beijing, Buenos Aires and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi, the show ”Time in Greece” with Nikolas Angelidis features Greek expatriates and philhellenes who stand out with their actions.

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