The Elves Of Tradition Maria Koutsimpiri
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Songs from the plain of Thessaly on “The Elves of Tradition” | 23 May 2024

On Thursday, May 23, 2024 “The Elves of Tradition” makes a tribute to the folk songs of Western Thessaly
Young musicians perform songs and tunes from the western lowland of Thessaly in ERT’s studio B, highlighting the unique character of the music of this area. They are joined in the studio by social anthropologist Ioannis Kais, who has significantly contributed to the research and coordination for the day.

Giorgos Magalios: song
Giorgos Koltsidas: clarinet
Giannis Soultis: violin
Kostas Balogiannis: accordion
Dimitris Raptis: lute

Sound recording: Dionysis Lymperis
Sound editing: Dionysis Lymperis, Katerina Lionti
Produced and presented by Maria Koutsimpyri

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