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‘The Wheel’ has been revolving around our lives for sixty years | 15 Apr. 2024

The show TIME IN GREECE hosts the soul of the Greek Film Archive, director Theodoros Adamopoulos and cinematographers Tasos Adamopoulos and Tasos Aronitis. We turn the calendar back sixty years … in 1964. It was then that the short film “The Wheel” was shot by the brothers Theodoros and Nikos Adamopoulos. We are talking about the film that very aptly satirizes the era, foreshadows through the course of the wheel the future… and raises important social questions.

Nikolas Angelidis talks with the guests and presents at the same time the new production that was made to promote the short film, sixty years later… The film and the documentary that explains and introduces it were screened on the evening of Friday, April 12th, as part of the six-day film screening event “Astygraphies on screen”.

From Zimbabwe and Beijing, Buenos Aires and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi, the show ”Time in Greece” with Nikolas Angelidis features Greek expatriates and philhellenes who stand out with their actions.

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