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The life, work and legacy of Giorgis Varlamos | 31.01.2024

One of the leading painters and engravers of our country is Giorgis Varlamos. He lived a life full of creation, quests and struggles for class justice. Leaving in 2013, he left his workshop, his job, all his work and thoughts… to KKE, asking that one day his legacy would be an archive and training space for young visual artists… A few days ago a free exhibition of the works of the leading painter – engraver opened its doors.

Eva Mela, a painter and engraver herself, a student of Giorgis Varlamos, head of the Cultural Space “Giorgis Varlamos Workshop” and a member of the Culture Department of the Central Committee of the KKE, together with Myrto Petasi, an art historian working in the “Workshop”, are featured on the show TIME IN GREECE and Nikolas Angelidis. Through our discussion at the radio of “Voice of Greece” we learn everything we need to know about the work, life and the great legacy left behind by the unforgettable painter, engraver, fighter.

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