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Time in Greece: 100 Years of AEK F.C.| 12 Apr. 2024

On April 13th, 2024, exactly one century will be completed since that meeting of refugees who decided in the center of Athens, at 24 Veranzerou Street, at the sporting goods store of Kostas Dimopoulos and brothers Emilios and Menelaos Ionas, to create a sports club that will bring back the memories of the City.

Nikolas Angelidis and the show TIME IN GREECE present a different tribute to AEK and its history starring the protagonists themselves! Mythical figures talk about the founding of AEK and the reasons that made it imperative to create a team… that will tell the story! AEK as a social phenomenon…

From Zimbabwe and Beijing, Buenos Aires and New York to Tokyo and Hanoi, the show ”Time in Greece” with Nikolas Angelidis features Greek expatriates and philhellenes who stand out with their actions.

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