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Time in Greece: Sports and Resistance | 19.10.2023

Sports matches that went down in history… Research by Nikos Angelidis for the broadcasting program ”Time in Greece”:

* The race against death in the Ukraine

* The Resistance match between AEK and Panathinaikos.

* The struggles of the prisoners in the hellscape that was the Pavlos Melas Camp and the impressive escape by Yugoslav Resistance fighters.

* Isthmiakos and Olympiacos Loutrakiou in the ranks of the Resistance.

* The race against death in the Ukraine

* Samos and Evia in the battles against the Germans and their local collaborators through sports activities…

* The Argentines who Mussolini brought to the Italian national team to win the World Cup.

* The murder of the Inter coach on the grounds of having Jewish roots and not being a fascist.

* Italian communist footballer Bruno Cher who disappeared from all official sporting activities because he refused to renounce his identity…

These and a lot more breathtaking stories.

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