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”Time in Greece” Tuesaday special with Nikolas Angelidis and Grigoris Nanis | 09 Apr. 2024

Every Tuesday, Nikolas Angelidis and Grigoris Nanis take you on a ‘different’ trip aund the world with interesting news from the field of sports… and not only!

Expect to hear… the unexpected!

Listen to this episode to find out…

– How Mr and Mrs Beckham make an extra income

– Who is the queen of golf

– How ruthless is the cold in the Russian research station of Antarctica

– How much does the women’s sports at all levels annually all over the world

– Which team represents Koroni in the Messinian football championship…

– What is the most expensive football team of the world

– How a young man became a millionaire by flying self-picking through social networks

– Those and more on the show that brings you happy mood and smiles…

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